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Welcome to Black Water Mist

August 25, 2021

While the Earth was in its infancy, water covered the entire orb. Stories of Gorgons, Hydras and Chimeras, Calaens and Harpies reproduced themselves in the human brain of superstition and Greek Mythology-- but this was before humans walked the earth and the Elder ones had slipped to Earth from another Galaxy and built cities under the oceans--before life existed-- they were there before life existed - they are the transcripts, types - the archetypes are in us and they are eternal. The Black Water Mist Series delves deep to investigate the truth, the fears, and the myths, that have come to terrorize and affect everyone of us. Is it that we Earthlings are naturally afraid of beings able to inflict bodily harm upon us? Oh, least of all. Is the Black Water Mist a remnant of these ancient myths and terrors? Yes, these myths and terrors are ancient. They date beyond the body or without the body--regardless, they would have been the same kind of fear-- that kind of fear we treat as purely spiritual-- it is strong in proportion as it is objectless on Earth--it not only predates life but gives us a peep into the shadowlands of pre-existence.