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Thought from the Heart

April 10, 2022

Everyone who looks does not see. Everyone who hears does not listen. What are we looking for? What is it we need to see? What would God reveal to us? There is but one desire of GOD for us, and that is that we may see Christ. GOD does not reveal one hundred, one thousand, or one million things to us. HE is pleased to give us HIS Son, and HE delights for us to look only to HIM. Not even the things HE gives, but to HIM who is the GIFT. We might pray for revelation into a great many matters, but only one thing is important to GOD, that is, that we may have revelation into HIS Son.

If we know the Son, If we possess the Son, we know and possess and see all that GOD has and is, for HE has deposited all of HIMSELF into HIS Son, and all of HIS Son deposited into us.

As we progress in our Christian walk, we begin to ask for and seek spiritual things in order to have a victorious Christian life. We learn to do this from watching what everyone else is doing. We may seek blessings from GOD. We pray many prayers and make many requests. Sometimes it seems we are given what we ask for, and sometimes it seems we are unchanged. So we struggle on, always searching for something out in space a thousand miles away that will change us from being defeated to being victorious. Hmm, does this sound familiar to anyone?

The whole problem is, that we view VICTORY as something out in the twilight zone of the Spirit, while we are struggling alone here on planet Earth, toiling and sweating as we wrestle and fight against a defeated adversary. To us then, victory is something we do not have, something we cannot see, something we are not experiencing, something we must reach for and diligently seek until we find it. The routine of daily life becomes old. We hope to find the victory we seek in a new book, a new tape, a teaching, a ministry, a church, a group, a video, a seminar, a special speaker, a website, or a special discipline, or Spiritual regimen. We go through those one by one, and some of them even work short-term, but eventually they end up on the shelf in the recesses of our minds, collecting dust and never being put to practice beyond the initial excitement of having learned a new thing or riding the wave of the latest Spiritual fad.

GOD does not give us a thing called VICTORY. Instead HE gives us HIS Son to be our VICTORY. CHRIST IS OUR VICTORY! It is not a question of going forth to war in the name of JESUS and claiming Victory in advance. Let me give you a Spiritual Golden Nugget. VICTORY IS A MAN CALLED JESUS! Overcoming is entering into VICTORY HIMSELF, being clothed with VICTORY, sharing in the Life of One who overcame death and the grave. Thus, our VICTORY IS IN JESUS. It is not a separate Grace of Gift which HE grants to certain ones who learn some principles of Spiritual Warfare. HE GAVE VICTORY TO AND FOR ALL!

Live each day VICTORIOUSLY,

David guss Imperio