Black Water Mist: War In The Heavens

Ladon Storm has pulled himself out of ashes of Rhea’s disappearance. He travels with Big Dawg Crow to a secret mine, left by the elder ones, and finds crystals with powers that surpass Omnikensis power, and Maxine, a six-foot dragon fly 400 million years old. He harvest twelve crystals, confronts Bellerophon waiting on him outside the mine riding Pegasus, kills him, and takes his golden sword of war and Pegasus.  Jessi returns and tells of her marriage to Apollo. Ladon goes to Mount Olympus only to find out that Rhea has been moved to Tartarus. A verbal confrontation happens between Ladon and Zeus whereby the latter agrees to submit his kingdom and leave. Indeed, Zeus does leave Mount Olympus as promised, but little of value is left for Ladon and the New World Order to rule over.

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