Black Water Mist:
 Pegasus Rising

The future of the Cosmos has been cursed by the All-mighty Zeus and his family of rulers. A blessing is about to unfold, but the blessing depends upon five recent college graduates from Mount Storm, West Virginia, who find their destinies entwined with gods, goddesses, and evil mythological creatures. Ladon Storm must defeat the all-mighty Zeus, remove him from his throne, persevere, and find a way to institute a New World Order. It will demand a War In The Heavens.

Wrestling with their own likes, loves, and true identities, Ladon Storm and his gang of friends look for the truth about meteors, the Earth, the Cosmos and themselves while working with beings and reptilians that cannot always be trusted

Previously published under the pen name L.B. David in 2019 | Reissued as David Guss Imperio in 2021 
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