Meet author  David "Guss" Imperio

Charles David Imperio writes from his home on the strikingly beautiful Topsail Island, North Carolina. Actually, a transplant from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia where he lived in Parkersburg. Guss, as he is known to friends and family,  reflects a varied personality, including ambition and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. His entrepreneurial spirit  showcasing his motivation and self-starting history can be seen in his past endeavors including  Henry Street Vineyard, Grizzly Assault Lures and Dreamers Ice Cream Café. Finishing what you start is a core value in his life. You can see how this has manifested itself in life through his service  in the United States Air Force , from which he retired after twenty-five years and as  husband to his wife Beth for forty-six years.

Family is another central tenant in his life, and can be seen in his  six adult children. While the Air Force gave him the ability to travel the world, it is his travels with family that have the most meaning to him. Traveling as far west as Kansas City he has officiated the weddings of his daughters and granddaughters. 

Guss believes and encourages fighting for what you desire and believe. He believes in doing all things through God because nothing great comes easy and with God everything is possible.

A full-time retiree, he is motivated by his love for writing.  Guss  strives to become an outstanding and accomplished writer in today’s society. He sees his success as a  published author having written several book series, or at least several books in one series. To help accomplish his dreams, Guss has recently completed a Creative Writing Course with Cape Fear Community College, where he penned a short story to be included in a short story compilation whereby the college will award one journalism student per year, a scholarship.

Through his passion for writing, Guss has embraced a fanatical interest in Greek Mythology, the Cosmos, and pre-human life. This passion is the inspiration behind the Black Water Mist Series. 

As an author and mythology activist, he promotes others to write by giving them the opportunity to embrace and interact with him as he continues to write. Guss is involved in keeping reading alive and acts as  a role model; creating avenues for young writers who desire keeping the art of Creative Writing alive. As he learned at the University of Maryland during his undergraduate studies “The more you know, the further you’ll go.”

When not working on his craft you can find Guss on the putting green of the local golf course, reading H.P. Lovecraft, or spending time with his family on the beach, where he continuously works on his tan.